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End Times By Bailey Pilling and Philip Rigby
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Saturday , January 11 , 2003
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Letters from the Editors

Sunday, January 19
Posted by BaileyBulletin: I've recently reformatted my harddrive(like day before yesterday), and did not save my passwords, or even think about remembering what they were. And then I tried to log in to the ftp, to put a new comic up for you folks. Those two facts did not like each other, and got into a bickering match. The first fact won out, and as a result, there is no new comic.

And also, the comic was going to be a bit late anyways, because WHERE THE HELL DID MY INKING PEN GO??? I found it, then lost it again :( But now it's going to be even later. Sorry folks. I swear, I'm not late every week on purpose, and I DO feel bad about it.

I hear you asking "how the hell did you update your weblog then, smarty pants?", well, mr. presumptious, I'll have you know that Blogger is nice enough to store my ftp password for me, but not so nice as to give it to me. Stupid security measures.

Edit: I've currently uploaded the comic to my other webspace provider: http://beagle.envy.nu (drag and drop the link into your address bar. Envy.nu doesn't allow remote image linking)
posted by Bailey: 1:39 AM

Tuesday, January 14

Posted by Philip Well, well, it look quite nice and newsie. Anyway, I have finished writing the first chapter, and have started work on the second. There are surprises waiting, and a major plot twist. What? I wouldn't do anything REALLY evil, would I?
posted by Philip: 1:07 PM

Monday, January 13

Posted By Bailey Lookie! I made the website all pretty! What do you think of the new layout? Email me or Philip to tell us what you think!

Or, if you want to make us real happy, donate to the paypal button there, and once we get enough, we can get our own domain!!! Well, hopefully, anyways.
posted by Bailey: 11:26 PM

Friday, January 10

Posted by BaileyOkay, folks, here's the next strip, a week late. And I'm not even that happy with it. The third frame was inked too thick, and that marine soldier looks like a doofus. Well, maybe he is.

The reason it's been taking me so long to do this, my job, is going well though. I'll be taking customer care calls for AT&T Wireless, and actually, today I start taking actual calls. Wish me luck! ^_^

Also, this week I'm apply for university to start next September. I'm trying to get into a Fine Arts program, with a major in Art & Design. Unfortunately, I'd have to compile a portfolio, and almost all of my art is on the computer, and they want originals as much as possible... I've had a few ideas, but they're all in the air for now.

But enough of my babbling. Read the comic! Vote!
posted by Bailey: 12:56 PM

Saturday, December 28

Posted by BaileySo because I took too long getting the last comic up, Philip took too long getting a script written. But I had some new acrylic paints to try out, so I made you all a gift! You guessed it. That's Jeanette. 'Course, she doesn't usually wear armour like that, and her hair isn't actually that long. But longer hair seemed more romantic, and/or dramatic. It was good from an artistic point of view.

Now, this is one of my first paintings, and I'm not all that good at it yet, so you can keep your comments about the too-blue armour, and the sloppy lines to yourself, amigo. :) I'd say for a beginner, it's a good one.
posted by Bailey: 1:08 AM